End Grain Butcher Block
Available for custom order, $150+. Contact me for details. Pictured knife forged by Moriah Cowles

Bodysurfing Handplanes
These handplanes create just enough resistance and lift to truly surf a wave while bodysurfing.  I tend to build them with a slight rocker, curved swallowtail end, and dished out around the handhold for better grip and to reduce profile and drag of your hand in the water. Handplanes are super fun to make and to surf with. I'd love to make one for you — hit me up if you're interested.  $160+

Off-cut Nesting Coasters
Drink coasters made from hardwood offcuts

Captive Ring Rattles
Available for custom order and sale $50 - $80 per rattle. Contact me for details. 


Railroad Bookends
Railroad slivers and spikes, steel black, wax. Available for custom order — contact me


Ash, forged steel brackets

Side Table
Ash, forged steel.